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flirtext by design

Need help with a flirtext?
Hire one of our “texperts” to help craft the perfect message that gets your desired response.
Flirtexts are always better with the help of a witty, emotionally unattached, friend!
Use what we say and take all the credit. We won’t tell if you don’t!
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  • Ask out a crush
  • Get your crush to call
  • Text your way out of the ‘friend zone’
  • Rekindle the flame with a crush who’s lost touch
  • Touch base and get an LOL
  • Spice up an existing relationship (in a tasteful way)

$7 Per Text

Please allow a 24-hour turnaround for all flirtexts.
Remember, just because its speedy technology doesn’t mean we have to be speedy with our response!


Please enter your texting dilemma here in 240 characters or less and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a response.

Online Dating Make Overs!

Having trouble creating your own dating profile?
There’s nothing worse than bragging about yourself, much less putting it in print!
If you need a little help making yourself look even more handsome, hilarious and charming than you already are,
then choose our Ultimate Online Makeover package and assure your profile will stand out from the rest.

Hire one of our Online Dating Assistants to:

  • Suggest engaging usernames & headlines that make a lasting impression
  • Edit your personal essay to garner more interest from the opposite sex
  • Review your existing profile pictures and recommend new ones
  • Remove common deal breakers to ensure your profile isn’t looked over
  • Copy-edit your profile (no one wants to date a mispeller!)
  • Suggest tips for crafting a charming first messages that’s proven to
    receive a positive response

$100 Per Digital Dating Makeover

$150 Online Dating Profile Creation (We will craft your online dating profile from scratch!)