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    Olivia Baniuszewicz

    Olivia Baniuszewicz holds a communications degree from Boston University. She worked as a sales executive for six years for designers like Diane von Furstenberg, YaYa Aflalo and Veda. After co-authoring, flirtexting®, she transitioned into the publishing industry where she helped build publicity campaigns for popular Chef’s and their cookbooks. Currently, she helps manage social media in the art industry. She lives in New York City.

    Email Olivia at olivia@flirtexting.com

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    Debra Goldstein

    Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, entrepreneur Debra Goldstein founded a personal shopping company in LA. She moved to NYC in 2006 where she continued to thrive in the fashion industry until she co-authored the hit book Flirtexting. Post-launch, flirtexting® quickly took over her professional life and she spearheaded the social media and publicity efforts for the brand. Since then, Debra has consulted well-known lifestyle brands on digital media and marketing efforts to help improve their online presence. Currently, she lives and flirtexts out of New York City.

    Email Debra at debra@flirtexting.com

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